Treat Factory 100ml bottles - 710 Vapors

Treat Factory 100ml bottles

  • $ 24.99

Kookie Krunch
For all the cookie lovers out there, the heavens have parted and filled this eJuice with cookie flavors to satisfies your deepest cookie cravings. Kookie Krunch is a dessert flavor that brings a delicious take on sweet, doughy, chewy, chocolate chip filled cookie dough to you.

Jaw Dropper
A watermelon rich jaw breaker candy flavor that brings back the memories of yesteryear's. For fans of old fashioned hard candies, nothing else will ever come close to the sweet, juicy "old timey" flavor of Jaw Dropper.

Lemon Glaze
A lemon glazed pastry that provides both a tart and sweet experience that floats around your sub-conscious long after you set your vape down.

Custard Craze
A creamy vanilla custard that oozes deliciousness while keeping your craving for something sweet fully satisfied.

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