Hometown Hero 60ml/100ml - 710 Vapors

Hometown Hero 60ml/100ml

  • $ 19.99

Ambrosia: A melon inhale with a berry exhale and citrus notes throughout.Its sweet melon with a sharp citrus backing gives it a flavor that is unlike any other e juice on the market.

Angel Tear: Created in homage to the best snow cone flavor ever Tiger's Blood. Angel Tear has a refreshing watermelon inhale and rich, sweet berry coconut exhale.

Angel's Breath: A light menthol version on Angel Tear.Refreshing cool watermelon inhale with a soothing berry and coconut exhale. Some say its like cotton candy or watermelon chill gum.

Crunchy: Just like mom used to make. Gooey, crispy, marshmallow rice treats. This flavor has sweet and succulent rice crunchies inhale and a delicious sweet marshmallow exhale.

Red Dream: Strawberries & Cream mixed with savory sweet kettle corn. Red Dream has a warm and salty kettle corn inhale with a sweet strawberry and cream finish. This flavor sounds unusual, but everyone who tries it falls in love at first puff.

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