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Beard Salt Juices

  • $ 19.99

NO.00 (Sweet tobaccoccino)
Take sweet tobacco and mix it together with the amazing benefits of nicotine salts, and you have No. 00 from Beard Salts E-Liquid.  Beard sweet tobacco flavored e-liquids are sure to your satisfy your taste buds.

NO.05 (NY style cheesecake with strawberries on top)
If you have ever had a New York style cheesecake, then you know that nothing beats that soft creamy flavor.  No. 05 brings that flavor to you, and tops the whole thing off with ripe strawberries and nicotine salts, for an amazing all-day vape that you will fall in love with.

NO.32 (A delicious cinnamon funnel cake)
Nothing beats the soft warm taste of an amazing funnel cake at the fair.  The warm taste of deep fried dough, and the cinnamon that goes with it.  No. 32 gives you all that incredible flavor packed together with nicotine salts, for a perfect flavor that you won't want to put down.

NO.42 (Menthol fruit cup)
Remember those fruit cups that your mom used to pack into your lunch every day?  No. 42 brings back that same mixed fruit flavor combined with the amazing power of menthol nicotine salts, for a combination that will make for an absolutely great vape!

NO.71 (Sweet & sour sugar peach)
Imagine if you would, a succulent Georgia peach blended together with nicotine salts for an amazing vape that will blow your mind.  No. 71 brings you a sweet and sour sugary peach that tastes like no other.  

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