Vaping Activism

The Vaping industry is in major turmoil currently. Between "Big Tobacco" and the FDA, The future of E-cigarettes is very uncertain, and it will take a combined effort from those of us who have already seen the benefits these devices bring to our health to keep them around. For more info on what "Big Tobacco" has been doing to eliminate vapes and the truth about what vaping is and how it reacts to you, check out . For daily updates on the state of the industry and a good insight into new products being released, check out


As of August 8th, 2016 The FDA will begin a regulatory process which will span the full vaping industry and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This regulation is still being adjusted to better fit our industry and the main organization standing up for vaping and the good it can bring is CASAA. Their organization has been at the forefront of fighting the political battle to keep vaping as a viable nicotine replacement option, be sure to check out their website in the link above for answers to any questions you have about the impending regulations.

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