CBD Products

We offer a large variety of CBD hemp products in store at both of our locations!


Dry Herb:

Darling CBD- 1 Gram Pouches (Cherry Wine, Special Sauce, and Lifter)

                      3.5 Gram Pouches (Cherry Wine, Special Sauce, Lifter, and Sour                                                         Space Candy)

                      1 Gram Pre-rolled Cones (Lifter, Sour Space Candy,Cherry Wine,                                                                    Suver Haze, and Special Sauce)

                      7 Pack of .5 Gram Pre-rolled Cones (Cherry Wine, Special Sauce,                                                                                      Lifter, Sour Space Candy,                                                                                          and Suver Haze)


Cultivaid- 1 Gram Shatter jars (Golden Ticket and Tropicana)

                 1 Gram Live Resin Jars 


Naked 100 - 600mg and 1200mg Vape Liquid (Lava Flow, Amazing mango,                                                                                       Really Berry, Hawaiian POG)


Naked 100 - 600mg and 1200mg Tinctures (Really Berry, Hawaiian POG, and                                                                            Unflavored)

Mary's Nutritionals The Remedy 500mg Tincture

Vape Cartridges:

O-Pen Reserve .5ml 250mg Cartridges (Clemenshine, Strawberry Shortcake, and                                                                         Lemon Tart)

Funky Farms 1ml 250mg Cartridges (Gelato, Lemon Cake, Frosty Watermelon,                                                                   Granddaddy Purp, and Thin Mint)

Bloom Farms .5ml 250mg Cartridges (Blackberry, Sequoia Mint, Stone Fruit, and                                                                  Natural)

Disposable Vape Pens:

Bluum 100mg Disposable Vape Pods (Mango, Kush, Mint, and Berry)

Bloom Farms .5ml 250mg Disposable Vape pens (Blackberry, Sequoia Mint,                                                                                               Natural, and Stone Fruit)

Daily Supplements:

Mary's Nutritionals Elite Capsules 30ct 5mg Capsules 


Mary's Nutritionals Elite Trans-dermal Patches 10mg 

Mary's Nutritionals Muscle Freeze (75mg and 200mg)

Mary's Nutritionals Burnout Elite Topical Mist (250mg)


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